Nakata Coating Equipment.


The Challenge: You have something that needs protection – from heat, cold, moisture, corrosion. And you know that coating is the solution. With a wide variety of coatings available, the selection of the right coating and the proper coating process can be critical to your success. What base material do you want to protect? What extremes of climate, elements, chemicals or wear will it be subjected to? Who can you turn to for practical advice and workable solutions?


The Nakata Solution: At Nakata, “Coating” is our middle name – and has been since our founding. So whatever coating need you currently face in your operation, there’s a good chance we’ve faced it and solved it many years ago. And we have equipment, not to mention fully automated systems, that may be ideal for your situation. If not, we’ll evaluate your needs and put our ingenuity to work. After all, this is our specialty!



Nearly 45 years of expertise in general industrial coating stands behind our approach to coating solutions.
25 years of specialized high corrosion resistance coating led to the creation of the equipment we produce and sell.
Both individual machines and fully automated systems have been proven effective in industrial applications.
Different machines offer the different coating processes most typically required by manufacturing firms.

Dip Spin Coating. This machine is for coating mass-production articles, such as screws. The product is dipped in liquid, then excess liquid is shaken off, and the remainder is coated evenly through centrifugal separation. How? Screws placed in the machine’s iron pot rotate as they move upward – and this rotation typically throws off any unwanted lump of liquid by the end of the process, leaving only the desired even coating.
Tumbler Coating. This machine spins the object to be coated around inside a cube and subjects it to a moving spray unit. The desired thickness of the skin can be controlled by adjusting the speed of revolution, the timing of the spray, and the amount of coating liquid released by the spray jet.
Firing Furnace. This equipment is used to bake the coating onto (or into) the object, depending on the coating process selected. Firing furnaces can be configured to accommodate batch, conveyor-feed or other types of applications.
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