Nakata. we’ve already made history.

In January 1970, we registered our firm as Nakata Coating Co., Ltd., established offices and built our first factory in Yokohama. By 1977, we’d completed a new head office and our second plant – and began automated conveyor line operations.

During the 1980s, we added a third factory in Yokohama (1982), built a major plant in Kyoto (1989), added large automated lines for coating and surface treatment processes, and began major exports of immersion fluid systems to China.

The 1990s saw us take huge strides in the development and refinement of powder slush molding processes (and export of this technology to South Korea), as well as new coating technologies for nuts, bolts and other industrial parts. We also built new corporate headquarters and began a venture called Nakata Art Inc. to develop and expand lines of specialized gardening products, marketing these through exclusive retail stores.

In the first decade of the 21st century, we began significant expansion of our manufacturing beyond Japan, establishing Nakata Coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. We began expanding exports in general through affiliation with ITRO Co. We also brought our plants into ISO compliance, began producing a wider range of coatings (chromium-free, thin-film anti-rust coating, Z-1 and more), and developed our no-bubble mixers. At the same time, Nakata Art became involved in the research, development and marketing of significant environmental and health products, including hydrogen water, micro-nano bubble generators, hyperbaric oxygen capsules, Moist O2 cleansers and more.

Today – and in the future – we are continuing expansion with significant steps into all major developed areas of the world. The establishment of our western hemisphere headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, is one such step. We invite you to contact us with any questions, and watch us as we grow.